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The infrastructure market in 2019

With Christmas in less than a week and the New Year around the corner, we thought a forward look at the cloud infrastructure market, jobs and recruitment would be a fitting end to the blogging year.

The cloud infrastructure sector is red-hot at the moment, and several of the most in-demand skills across tech is to be found in this area. According to data published in CIO Magazine, cloud architects and cloud systems engineer roles are in spots two and three for 2019.

The data behind the list seems to largely tally with our own experience.  However, as specialists within the cloud infrastructure space, we’d like to think we can contribute a bit more detail.

What’s underpinning the general sector demand is a significant technology shift, in many ways similar to the move from analogue work to digital.

There are countless organisations across the world that haven’t yet made the transition from running the business infrastructure on internal hardware and software, to the cloud (here’s a handy overview of cloud penetration and forecasts).

But the general efficiency and productivity savings that migrating to the cloud is just one part of it; the really exciting stuff lies in what you’re able to do once in the cloud, like using AI and machine learning to its full potential, or launch products in weeks instead of months and years.

The video below highlights some of the advantages Capital One realised by moving to the public cloud.

To capitalise on the shift, a number of tech companies are engaged in a virtual race to domination, and have created a whole eco-system of organisations around them. Leading tech giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and even Facebook

are investing heavily in building data centres and cloud infrastructure (even though Facebook isn’t planning on entering public cloud), as well as many of the applications running on the cloud.

The frenetic activity across the sector brings about a significant skills shortage in virtually every market and is slowing down the cloud adoption. India, for example, is growing its cloud penetration 30% year-on-year, the market set to be worth over $4bn by 2020. To support that growth, India will need to retain more skilled tech workers, which will mean that North America and Europe might be looking at an even tighter squeeze on the cloud infrastructure talent available.

Another region that’s seeing aggressive growth in cloud services is the Middle East, led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which we recently wrote about on this blog (read it here).

With all of that happening, it’s actually hard to see any area of cloud infrastructure recruitment displaying any weakness, but there are of course a few areas that are white-hot.


Driven by a need for doing things security better, DevSecOps is seeing exponential growth across the cloud infrastructure sector and is thought to, over time, replace the traditional way security process have been implemented across organisations. As more and more services are spun up in the cloud, the ability to change security posture in real-time will be(come) essential and what we see at Etonwood is consistent with that picture.


It may come across as a bit absurd to put a company as a skill or function, but the demand we see (and have seen) for ServiceNow-experience is just too strong to not include here. Their growth as a company has been nothing short of stellar, and the indication is that it will continue.

Machine learning, Automation, and AI on platforms

There’s been a buzz around these three areas for a long time now, but adoption has so far been limited to the cutting edge. However, we are seeing movement here, and there are signals of more and more companies taking the tech to a commercial stage. If this is a sector you are looking to get into, 2019 could well be your year, so watch this space.

To summarise: almost regardless of which area you’re already working in, 2019 is set to deliver on cloud infrastructure opportunities in spades. We wish you all success for 2019, whether you’re recruiting or job hunting.

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