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The Importance of Working With the Right Recruitment Partner

The importance of working with the right recruitment partner

We should not be all tarred with the same brush as not every recruiter follows the same principles.

The recruitment industry has changed significantly over the years, and some firms, rightly or wrongly, believe that ‘management by numbers’ is the most effective way to build a business.  Today’s recruiter seems to be targeted on the number of calls, number of CV submissions, and number of interviews and often loses sight of what the candidate and client consider important.

There also seems to be a mistaken belief that as recruiters our sole focus is representing our clients in their search for talent and that the candidate relationship is a mere component of the process. Too many recruiters fail to realise the equal importance of both parties, and show a lack of respect to their candidates, treating them as meal tickets, who, as soon as they don’t come through, become expendable.

And why is it that meeting with and listening to your clients and candidates, understanding their requirements and then engaging with them both throughout the process is now considered an ‘old school’ practice? Technology shouldn’t replace human interaction it should enable more efficient communication.

But all is not lost: if you work with the right recruiter, the hiring process needn’t be so time-consuming and painful, because when we get it right, we can be very useful.

—As a candidate, we can help you prepare a CV that creates interest and opens doors. We can help you prepare for an interview by sharing with you the client’s priorities and team dynamics.  We will also lead the negotiation of any offer ensuring your remuneration is in line with your market value.

—And on the other side, the side of the client, armed with a clear understanding of the role, company, and team culture, we will ensure your time is better spent meeting with like-minded individuals that share the same motivations.  

So when you next find yourself in a situation when you’re considering using a recruitment agency, whether as a potential candidate or client, be more selective, consider how the recruiter approaches your ‘search’, and whether they have not just listened to you, but truly understood.

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